Project Brief

Bio-based economy in Europe involves 22 million people and turns over roughly 2.4 billion €. The full realization of its huge potential, however, requires expert knowledge and synergy of different competencies. In particular, key questions and bottlenecks awaiting clear answers are:

  • How to design and integrate flexible and product-tailored processes for the available biomass feedstocks?
  • How to integrate chemical and biochemical routes into sustainable biorefining of the given feedstocks?
  • How to relate the biomass extraction and separation processes with the properties of the desired products and the sustainable utilization of the depleted matrices?
  • How the production processes can be integrated into closed loop production?

The overall goal of IProPBio is to exchange complementary theoretical and experimental knowledge of research Staff while looking for innovative answers to such important questions. IProPBio is divided in 4 research oriented work packages plus two supporting packages for internal knowledge sharing and results dissemination. Alternative feedstock and high-value products characterization; thermodynamic data analysis and properties prediction; alternative technological flowsheets for economic and eco-compatible conversion of waste biomass into high value products; mass and energy integration studies to reduce wastes and enhance the profitability; life cycle assessment to determine the net contribution of the best designs to environmental pollution, are the main issues approached in the work packages.

IPropBio will significantly impact:

  • the competitiveness of EU bioeconomy
  • participants’ potential and new carrier perspectives
  • exchange and transfer of high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge, advanced expertise, research and innovation between academic and non-academic participants in EU member states and third countries through the dissemination of the results achieved to target groups and the general public.



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Jun 10, 2022

LUT Department of Separation Science seeks a junior researcher (doctoral student) to develop a new biorefinery concept. 

The junior researcher will investigate production of platform chemicals such as small organic acids as well as their recovery and purification. The raw materials are low-grade industrial and municipal wastes that contain polysaccharides such as cellulose. The research includes both experimental work (laboratory and mini-pilot scales) and mathematical modelling and simulation. Simulation tools are available in the group and extensive experience in programming is not required.

The deadline is 26 June 2022 and you can apply here

May 13, 2022

To celebrate the European Year of Youth, the European Commission launched a Bioeconomy Youth Ambassadors competition!

Young Europeans (18-35 years old) residing in the EU who have experience or an interest in the bioeconomy/bioeconomy-related fields (food systems, agriculture, forestry, bio-based industry, climate change, blue economy, …) are encouraged to apply!

A summer camp will take place in July for the selected Ambassadors.

The selected Ambassadors will lead by example, inform and inspire their communities on sustainable circular bioeconomy.

They will participate in various events, including the high-level Bioeconomy Conference planned in October, to carry the voice of youth and the bioeconomy.

You will find more information about the competition here: Become a Bioeconomy Youth Ambassador! 

May 13, 2022

The second project workshop is approaching and you can download here the flyer and here the book of abstracts. 

Feb 16, 2022

Initially announced in April 2020 and postponed due to the spreading of the Corona virus, the second workshop related to the IProPBio project is now back!

The workshop will cover the topic "From biomass characterisation to process synthesis" and it will be hosted by the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa the 16th and 17th of May. 

You can download the flyer of the event here

The participation is free of charge but please contact Prof. José Coelho (jcoelho@deq.isel.ipl.pt) to reserve your spot. 

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