Project Brief

Bio-based economy in Europe involves 22 million people and turns over roughly 2.4 billion €. The full realization of its huge potential, however, requires expert knowledge and synergy of different competencies. In particular, key questions and bottlenecks awaiting clear answers are:

  • How to design and integrate flexible and product-tailored processes for the available biomass feedstocks?
  • How to integrate chemical and biochemical routes into sustainable biorefining of the given feedstocks?
  • How to relate the biomass extraction and separation processes with the properties of the desired products and the sustainable utilization of the depleted matrices?
  • How the production processes can be integrated into closed loop production?

The overall goal of IProPBio is to exchange complementary theoretical and experimental knowledge of research Staff while looking for innovative answers to such important questions. IProPBio is divided in 4 research oriented work packages plus two supporting packages for internal knowledge sharing and results dissemination. Alternative feedstock and high-value products characterization; thermodynamic data analysis and properties prediction; alternative technological flowsheets for economic and eco-compatible conversion of waste biomass into high value products; mass and energy integration studies to reduce wastes and enhance the profitability; life cycle assessment to determine the net contribution of the best designs to environmental pollution, are the main issues approached in the work packages.

IPropBio will significantly impact:

  • the competitiveness of EU bioeconomy
  • participants’ potential and new carrier perspectives
  • exchange and transfer of high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge, advanced expertise, research and innovation between academic and non-academic participants in EU member states and third countries through the dissemination of the results achieved to target groups and the general public.



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Dec 14, 2020

From all the IProPBio team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 

 IProPBio tree

Sep 10, 2020

Due to the limited possibilities of travelling of the project partners and the attendees and the reinforcement of measures to contain the further spreading of COVID-19, the workshop planned for the 21st and 22nd of September in Lisbon has been postponed to the next year. 

All the project Consortium is looking forward to share new exciting results. In the meantime you can follow the publication section or get in touch with us using the contacts provided in the "Participant" section. Remember also to follow us on Twitter and ResearchGate!

Jun 29, 2020

The 3rd of July Massimiliano Errico is going to present the IProPBio project and his experience as Coordinator at the Annual Meeting of the Danish Chapter.

You can find more info on the Danish Chapter here and the programme of the event here

Apr 19, 2020

Despite these difficult times, IProPBio is progressing performing research with the data acquired in the previous months. Moreover we are confident to be able to organize the second project workshop in September 2020. 

The location will be Lisbon and the workshop title is "Valuable products from residual biomasses Towards a greener society (ProGreS) From biomass characterization to process synthesis". 

Please download the flyer of the event here

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