Project Brief

Bio-based economy in Europe involves 22 million people and turns over roughly 2.4 billion €. The full realization of its huge potential, however, requires expert knowledge and synergy of different competencies. In particular, key questions and bottlenecks awaiting clear answers are:

  • How to design and integrate flexible and product-tailored processes for the available biomass feedstocks?
  • How to integrate chemical and biochemical routes into sustainable biorefining of the given feedstocks?
  • How to relate the biomass extraction and separation processes with the properties of the desired products and the sustainable utilization of the depleted matrices?
  • How the production processes can be integrated into closed loop production?

The overall goal of IProPBio is to exchange complementary theoretical and experimental knowledge of research Staff while looking for innovative answers to such important questions. IProPBio is divided in 4 research oriented work packages plus two supporting packages for internal knowledge sharing and results dissemination. Alternative feedstock and high-value products characterization; thermodynamic data analysis and properties prediction; alternative technological flowsheets for economic and eco-compatible conversion of waste biomass into high value products; mass and energy integration studies to reduce wastes and enhance the profitability; life cycle assessment to determine the net contribution of the best designs to environmental pollution, are the main issues approached in the work packages.

IPropBio will significantly impact:

  • the competitiveness of EU bioeconomy
  • participants’ potential and new carrier perspectives
  • exchange and transfer of high-quality multidisciplinary knowledge, advanced expertise, research and innovation between academic and non-academic participants in EU member states and third countries through the dissemination of the results achieved to target groups and the general public.



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Oct 12, 2021




After a long break forced by the limitations in travelling, from September 1st IProPBio is ready to start again!

New activities will be announced soon, keep following our publications and the activities on our socials!

Sep 22, 2021

Massimiliano Errico from the University of Southern Denmark received the TEK-Teaching prize 2021. The Teaching Prize highlights and rewards a researcher/teacher for a special contribution and a high level of commitment to teaching.
In the nomination of candidates, emphasis is given on particular academic, pedagogical or didactic qualifications. Emphasis is also placed on more personal qualities, such as the nominated candidate being inspiring, welcoming, academically challenging, accommodating, dialogue-oriented, stimulating or similar in his/her teaching.

The students describe Massimiliano as an academically demanding but also highly inspiring and empathetic teacher. He challenges them academically but retains a realistic ambition for how much new knowledge they can acquire at once. He creates a safe learning space and gives them successful experiences where they experience that things go up in a higher unit and get motivation for further learning, notes the students.

You can watch the acceptance speech here.

Jun 28, 2021

#LatinEnvChemPSE is a Twitter Poster Conference to share and discuss the results of research projects, undergraduate and graduate thesis in the area of Process Systems Engineering (PSE).
Authors are invited to submit a poster for the Twitter Latin American Conference on Environmental and Chemical Process Systems Engineering.
The best posters will be awarded with $100 dollars! 
This event includes the presentation of posters via Twitter in six categories:
PSE Fundamentals and Computer Aided Methods
Molecular Synthesis and Product Design
Process Control
Process Modeling and Simulation
Process Integration and Optimization
Materials Engineering and Applications
Certification letters will be given for all participants. It is a free academic event where participants should register to present their posters in the different categories. Posters can be presented in Spanish, Portuguese or English. The first version of #LatinEnvChemPSE will be held on July 1st, 2021 from 12:00 (UTC) for 24 hours to interact and discuss.
The free registration and poster submission can be performed here  
#LatinEnvChemPSE is organized by the Graduate Program of Chemical Engineering from Tecnológico Nacional de México – Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes, México.
Sponsor: Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification (Elsevier)
Organizing Committee of #LatinEnvChemPSE 

Dec 14, 2020

From all the IProPBio team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year 

 IProPBio tree

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