Sep 22, 2021

The Project Coordinator has been awarded with the TEK-Teaching Prize

Massimiliano Errico from the University of Southern Denmark received the TEK-Teaching prize 2021. The Teaching Prize highlights and rewards a researcher/teacher for a special contribution and a high level of commitment to teaching.
In the nomination of candidates, emphasis is given on particular academic, pedagogical or didactic qualifications. Emphasis is also placed on more personal qualities, such as the nominated candidate being inspiring, welcoming, academically challenging, accommodating, dialogue-oriented, stimulating or similar in his/her teaching.

The students describe Massimiliano as an academically demanding but also highly inspiring and empathetic teacher. He challenges them academically but retains a realistic ambition for how much new knowledge they can acquire at once. He creates a safe learning space and gives them successful experiences where they experience that things go up in a higher unit and get motivation for further learning, notes the students.

You can watch the acceptance speech here.